Waterproofing and Sealing of Above-Ground Masonry

Masonry products are often used in the construction of outdoor hardscapes including walls, patios, swimming pool decks, sidewalks and more. Several types of outdoor stone and brick need sealing and waterproofing. They can be easily damaged by the harsh effects of water and ice. Sealing and waterproofing your stone or brick will not only protect your materials, but can also enhance the color of your stone or brick and reduce the growth of mold, moss and mildew.

Efflorescence can also be a big problem on stone. It is caused by moisture moving through the stone or mortar and dissolving the natural salts and minerals inside. A stone sealer will greatly reduce water penetration and can often stop the effects of efflorescence completely.

Whether your intention is to dry out a damp basement, reduce radon levels, waterproof a brick chimney, prevent concrete dusting, or preserve the look of your outdoor concrete, our line of trusted, professional-grade penetrating concrete sealers will more than exceed your expectations!

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