Brick Repair/Replacement

Brick repair is just another name for brick replacement.

You might notice cracks in one or more of your bricks, or chips, mortar deterioration, or even general brick deterioration (also called spalling).

Not only does a structure with broken bricks look unappealing, but there could be an issue with the structural integrity. Often, this is an overlooked problem, but it’s a really important one.

We make sure to match the brick’s color and texture closely with the other surrounding bricks.  Plus, we need to make sure that the mortar color matches.  We also make sure that the joint sizes match.

Sometimes, one or more bricks might be beyond repair, and we have to replace them.

We can replace brick individually, one brick at a time, or we can cut and replace an entire section of bricks within a wall or any other masonry structure.

We can repair (or replace) the brick of many things, including chimneys, interior and exterior walls, mailboxes, and several other things.  Most commonly, you see this done on exterior walls.  On smaller structures, it tends to make sense to rebuild them rather than repair some of the bricks.

If you notice that the bricks are in good shape, but the mortar between needs attention, then you might want to check our tuckpointing services.

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