Types of Brick

Identifying the types of brick is tricky, because there are so many brands that have subtle differences but are names significantly differently.

Here is a good place to start.

Face (Facing) Brick/Brick Veneer: common type of brick which is generally used in small or medium sized projects; appearance is as important, if not more important than the structural integrity

Engineered Block (Solid Brick): used for solid construction and appearance is not a priority

Reclaim Brick (Recycled Brick/Common Brick/Burnt Clay Bricks): good to preserve the environment, but these also add character in design in the form of the natural aging process that manufacturing cannot duplicate, guaranteeing a unique appearance in the finished masonry structure

Sand Lime Bricks (Calcium Silicate Bricks): white brick made of limestone and selected sands

Split Rock Brick (Concrete-Based): xxx

Fly Ash Clay Bricks: less costly brick than traditional clay bricks

Different Types of Face Bricks

Smooth Face
Rock Face
Sand Blast

Cored Bricks vs. Solid Bricks

Solid Bricks: Just as the name implies, these bricks are solid with no holes in the middle

Cored Bricks: These bricks have several top-to-bottom holes (across its width) within the brick.  These holes can be round or square, and there can be a few or many.  These holes make the brick cheaper to make (less material) and cheaper to ship (less weight).  They also provide additional places for the mortar to “squish” and form a bond.  To add extra strength, a mason can put rebar in those holes.

Different Types of Brick Materials

Clay (original kind)
Expanded Clay Aggregate
Compressed Earth Block
Fired Brick
Dry Pressed



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