Natural Stone

 Cultured Stone vs. Natural Stone

Natural Stone is what you’d expect. It’s stone that natural forms from the earth. It might be cut and polished, but the material comes naturally from our planet.

Cultured Stone is actually cement that is pressed formed to look like stone.

Both have their places in building masonry products.

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We offer many services with cultured stone:
Building/Rebuilding Stone Structures
Stone Replacement

Here are some of the cultured stone products we can build for you:
Outdoor Steps
Stone Walkways/Driveways
Natural Fireplaces (Not Gas)
Tree & Shrub Decorative Edging
Yard Highlighting
Business Signs
Subdivision/Park Entrance Signs
Outdoor Grills/Fireplaces
Basement Walls
Garden Walls
Retaining Walls

A Little More about Natural Stone

Stone repair and restoration is the most popular of Metro Detroit Masonry’s customized projects. Our expertise in stone has allotted us a reputation of excellence in both new construction as well as stone restoration services. Our professional crew has the experience and attention to detail to create a homogeneous look for your project.

Our natural stone services include limestone, sandstone, terra cotta, renaissance, and white stone work. We have access to a network of quarries providing a wide array of stone options which allow us to accommodate virtually every project proposed to us.

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