Manufactured/Cultured Stone

Natural Stone vs. Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone is actually cement that is pressed formed to look like stone.  It is something that is manufactured to look like stone.  Sometimes, cultured stone is also called manufactured stone or even faux stone.

Natural Stone (hence the name) naturally forms from the earth. It might be cut and polished, but the material is natural from Mother Earth.

Both have their places in building masonry products.

We offer many services with cultured stone:
Building/Rebuilding Structures

Here are some of the cultured stone products we can build for you:
Natural Fireplaces (Not Gas)
Basement Walls

A Little More about Cultured Stone

Cultured, or engineered, stone is a popular and cost-effective way to distinguish your property from others. Our clients look to us to provide specialized stone services that include the selection of stone and materials, project design and engineering as well as fabrication of cultured materials. We will also provide projections of the budget and time constraints, as well as a full description of all aspects of your project.

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